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Clan News
It is currently greenleaf. Go and enjoy the good hunting while it lasts!

Sunny and humid. There is a slight chance of a sun shower.

Leader: Deerstar
Deputy: Birchclaw
Medicine cat: Lilyfrost
Med apprentice: Leopardpaw
News: Not much is happening right now. Deerstar is currently worrying about a possible outbreak of greencough, what with leaf-fall, and, in turn, leaf-bare coming up.

Leader: Lightstar
Deputy: Leafsong
Medicine cat: Flametail
News: At the moment we are just hanging out in Camp but Jetfeather may have dislocated his elbow so he is in need of medical attention. Let's hope for the best and hope he did not get some permanent damage.

Leader: Sandstar
Deputy: Tigerheart
Medicine cat: ---
News: ---

Leader: Ivystar
Deputy: Lunaspots
Medicine cat: Cherryleap
News: ---

If you have a question about a Clan, contact: Faltercloud for ForestClan, honorchior for RockClan, Dovewing for BreezeClan, and Dawnfrost for StreamClan. If this is wrong please tell me!
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 How to make a cat

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PostSubject: How to make a cat   Thu Nov 06, 2014 5:54 am

all right, so this is the frame for your cat:

Best skill:
Worst skill:


Name: Choose a name for your cat. Also include future and past names, please.
Age: How many moons old is your cat?
Clan: What clan does it live in?
Gender: Tom or She-cat
Rank: What are they? Warrior, Kit, elder? What?
Appearance: How do they look?
Personality: What are they like?
History: Most cats will have a lot. If it is a kit then not much is expected, but you should do as much as you can.
Family: Who is their kin? Do they have brothers or sisters? Who are their parents? Do they have a mate? Do they have kits?
Best skill*: Hunting, fighting, or more, what are they best at?
Worst skill*: What are they worst at?

Name: Flowersong
Age: 25 moons
Clan: RockClan
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Queen
Appearance: A small tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Personality: She is kind, smart, and selfless. She is protective of herself around other cats.
History: She was born on a full moon, and she (coincidentally) became an apprentice on that full moon. She met a mate from another clan and bore his kits, but they died in leaf-bare. She now has another mate and is raising her healthy kits.
Family: Tallpaw, Yarrowpaw, Fernfeather, Smallflame, Reedwind, Redpelt
Mate: Stonewave
Kits: Tallpaw and Yarrowpaw
Best Skill: Hunting, Agility
Worst Skill: Climbing
*(1) If you want an apprentice, find a mentor first.

*(2) Please don't make your cat perfect. They need to be at least a little bad at something. Thanks.

If i could fit the warrior fan code on here i would so let's just say i did and move on with our lives.


Forest: Snowyblossom(elder), Leopardpaw(Medicine apprentice-Leopardheart), Leafpelt(Warrior), Lionpaw(apprentice-Lionswift), Tigerpaw(apprentice-Tigerleap), Lilyfrost

Rock: Violetpelt, Flaimtail

Stream: Tigerheart(deputy),


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How to make a cat
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