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Clan News
It is currently greenleaf. Go and enjoy the good hunting while it lasts!

Sunny and humid. There is a slight chance of a sun shower.

Leader: Deerstar
Deputy: Birchclaw
Medicine cat: Lilyfrost
Med apprentice: Leopardpaw
News: Not much is happening right now. Deerstar is currently worrying about a possible outbreak of greencough, what with leaf-fall, and, in turn, leaf-bare coming up.

Leader: Lightstar
Deputy: Leafsong
Medicine cat: Flametail
News: At the moment we are just hanging out in Camp but Jetfeather may have dislocated his elbow so he is in need of medical attention. Let's hope for the best and hope he did not get some permanent damage.

Leader: Sandstar
Deputy: Tigerheart
Medicine cat: ---
News: ---

Leader: Ivystar
Deputy: Lunaspots
Medicine cat: Cherryleap
News: ---

If you have a question about a Clan, contact: Faltercloud for ForestClan, honorchior for RockClan, Dovewing for BreezeClan, and Dawnfrost for StreamClan. If this is wrong please tell me!
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 Read these before posting!

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PostSubject: Read these before posting!   Thu Nov 27, 2014 12:39 am

Welcome to Warrior cats forever!

Here are the basic guidelines:

• Ask the Forum Staff for questions (Anyone with a purple or green username)
• If you are behaving badly, you'll be banned from the chat. If you continue to troll, spam, or annoy other members, then you will be banned from accessing the forum for 24 hours. After that, you will be banned completely or have your account terminated.
• Please keep the forum clean! Appropriate "Warriors" talk is allowed, but please remember that we are warriors, not apprentices. Rude people will be banned.
• Don't advertise unless you have permission from an administrator.
• Keep your roleplay realistic! If you want your cat to have "special powers",i.e. ones like Dovewing, Lionblaze and Jayfeather, then you will have to talk to an administrator.

Cat creation rules:
• There is no limit on cats, but don't have too many.
• The names of warrior cats are spelt Firefang NOT FireFang.
• Please don't do things like "Flameclaw sneezed." as the only thing in your post.
• You must use the correct form when creating a character.
• Ignored or non-roleplayed characters will be deleted within a month.
• Users can have any amount of "ranked" (leader, deputy, medicine cat) characters, but please give other people a chance to make one.

Additional rules:
• We understand that all of you might not be from an English speaking country, but please try your best. Most members do not want to decipher a long Spanish post, so if you don’t try, your post will likely be deleted.
• If you see someone breaking a major rule, do NOT respond to them, rudely or otherwise. Just report the problem to an admin. Your help is greatly appreciated.
• Theft of anything, including art, theme, names, or characters, is not appreciated. If someone is found to have stolen an item, then we will go to permanently limit the user to make sure it does not happen. again. If you have been wrongly accused of stealing, then talk to an administrator and we will listen.
• Please interact as much as you can. Some role-players may feel left out, so if no cat is talking to them, please interact.

Clan rules:
• Absolutely no power-playing except for mods + admins. For those of you who don't know what that is, power-playing is playing someone else's characters. You may only role-play your own cats. You can say that they walked up to the other cat, or that your cat nudges another character, but you cannot post their response.
• If you are going to be gone for a while, let an admin or moderator know so your cats will not be deleted due to the one month rule.
• Please don't make your cat all-powerful or something like that. It's fine to have your cat be noticed, but don't feel like they need to be important. Even the admins have warriors that, generally, don't speak to or talk to the leaders much.

Besides this, if we see anything unfair or mean happening on the RP we will ask to change it. We will ask three times and if by the third you do not change it, we will act like it never happened or that the character died.
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Read these before posting!
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